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Slender Man's Shadow

Slendy's AI doesn't keep up with lag?

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Slendy's AI doesn't keep up with lag?

Postby Trenderman » Wed Nov 06, 2013 3:08 am

My friend told me the other day, that he had to play Hospice on his older PC, since his much better laptop was currently being fixed. (broken keyboard :P )
He'd usually get about 8/8 but would die a few seconds after picking the 8th up, He said it didn't take long for Slendy to come, he would get him after picking up the 3rd page. (even with sprinting)
I decided to test this myself with Elementary, with my much more poor, older, and rather dusty PC. (got it in about 2006) I noticed quit a change from playing it on my faster laptop and on my crappy PC, I'm able to finish the game with my fast one, but Slendy gets me at about 2/8. From what I've seen of other playthroughs. (Especially this one where it takes so long to get in-game, Slenderman is already out in the doorway!) It'd seem true.
If it is, then that's a shame. :/
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