Bugs in Mansion, Prison, and Sanatorium

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Bugs in Mansion, Prison, and Sanatorium

Postby hello199809 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:02 pm

Hello, first id like to say I really enjoy Slendermans Shadow maps. But there are a few bugs i've found in my months of playing that dont really affect my playing but I thought I should share:

[*]There were extremely rare occasions where from a far distance Slendy would be missing an arm, and when he teleported towards me it came back.
[*]There is a common bug where Slendy appears to hover in midair when I am going through the Foyer or going up the stairs to the 2nd floor or the 1st floor from the basement. And when I say hovering, I mean he was a good 10 feet off the ground.
[*]There is a bug that has been happening a lot recently in which I am going up either set of stairs from the basement and Slendy would teleport into the landing with only his head showing. This only happens when I am on the landing as well, and he would teleport into it with no sound of the character being shocked and I could walk towards him and he would just turn his body as I moved around him.
[*]Slendy sometimes will teleport outside the windows upstairs but quickly teleport back.

[*]Sometimes, Slendy teleports into the wall in the hallway near the ladder to escape and walking around him would cause him to lunge towards me ending the game.
[*]There were rare occasions in which the character would have no flashlight, yet it would appear as though there was a light source (Imagine the tip of the lightbulb, now take away the whole flashlight but leave the little glint of light at the tip.)
[*]In one of the cells I fell completely through the map, and I eventually had to quit because I couldnt move.
[*]The melody that plays when the character is shocked sometimes cuts off in the middle of it.

[*]I walked into the open stall in the bathroom and fell through the floor, but jumped back up and my character appeared to by half inside the floor with a picture of the tile floor would be above my characters head. And when I hit W, there were the sounds of footsteps.

I dont know if anyone else has these happen to them, or if its just me. Nothing too big, but I would like to see them fixed.

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Re: Bugs in Mansion, Prison, and Sanatorium

Postby Marc Steene » Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:16 pm

All fixed for the secret project :)
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Re: Bugs in Mansion, Prison, and Sanatorium

Postby hello199809 » Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:26 pm

That's great news! I am so excited! :D
Unfortunately I won't be home for the announcement of the secret project because I am going to be in a Christmas parade, starting at 4. But I am hoping to download it as soon as I get home and record a gameplay for YouTube. Going to try to be the first one up :)
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