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Postby slendermansproxy » Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:20 pm

guys, have you ever heard this poem before please? if so it would really help, my m8 keeps on getting it in her head and she has never ever heard of it before except from now... O.O :shock: :| :confused: :The full moon is coming.
So run children, run.
Have your fun.
Until I come.
Then your fun will end.
Along with your life.
So I say, once again.
"Be very afraid of the dark..."

What have I done?
What will I do?
Am I a human...
Or a monster?
Will I make it through?
Or will I die in the process?

Say goodbye dear children.
Don't you cry.
Cause I am here, to say goodbye.
Hush little children, don't you scream.
The full moon is a gleam.
Goodbye now, don't you run.
Time for me to have my fun!
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